Monday, April 6, 2015

Preview of "Do You Get IT?"

Preview of Following is a short preview of the free eBook [just released] "Do You Get IT?"


The words “Internet” and “Technology” scare most bricks and mortar business owners to the point of complete denial that the internet could possibly have any relevance to their business. Unfortunately this head in the sand attitude is damaging a lot of Offline businesses today. Some business owners have made the attempt to get an Online presence for their business. They have paid to have a business website built [cost around $5000], listed their business in the white/yellow pages [cost around $2,500 per year], created a Face book page, a twitter account, Google places, local directories etc. with very little, if any beneficial results. More importantly, you can do a lot of damage to your businesses reputation:

I believe this is a must read for any business owner.

"Do you Get IT?" is a totally free download - no optin forms to fill or hoops to jump through - to download or read it online Click Here

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Phase For 2013

I have been making a full time living in Internet Marketing since 2000 and for what it's worth

I have some advice for all those struggling to make money in today's economic climate.

Compared with today it was relatively easy to establish a worthwhile living from the comfort

of your home via your computer. There were many options - that worked. For instance you could

sell your own products or sell other peoples products as an affiliate, via your own website.

Advertising was relatively inexpensive and everyone was on a level playing field. In 2013 this

is no longer the case. It has become an uphill battle to market anything online today - no

matter how good the product or program professes to be.

The reasons for these difficulties is too long a subject to cover here. Suffice it to say that

the internet has been monopolized over the past couple of years and unless you are well

established with mature sites, like I am, you will have an uphill battle to compete.

So get out of the rat race of building lists and trying to sell anything online.

In other words forget about internet marketing all together.

Don't join any affiliate marketing, or programs that need any type of online promotions -

it is all a waste of time, money and energy.

Instead consider forex trading via your computer.

No need for a website, list or advertising because there is no selling involved.

What a lot of people don't realize is you can start trading with as little as $100 and make a fortune IF you know what you are doing.

Be warned - 2/3rds of new traders lose their shirts - the other 1/3rd lose their pants - because they don't know what they are doing.

Heck most people don't even know what forex trading really is.

More's the pity because in my opinion forex trading is the only way to make serious money online today.

But like everything in life there is no free lunch - you have to be prepared to learn what to do before trading.

To get the only forex training course you will ever need - go to the following link [and no I am not an affiliate trying to sell you something]

Monday, November 19, 2012

Keep In Touch with Your Local Community

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special site, where you can keep in touch with your own local community.
It is free and has many useful utilities, where you can form your own groups and forums - set them to private if you wish - great for schools, private clubs, genealogy, etc. etc.

Actually there are so many interesting aspects to this site - that instead of me explaining them all here, I recommend you take a look for yourself.

This site is different, so take your time and really look at everything on offer - all free.
For those interested in becoming an admin for their own local community, there are great rewards - starting with a $500 advance.

Check the community list on the home page - if your community is not listed, consider becoming an administrator. The sites are built for your community on request - all for free including hosting!

Any questions? Ask in the comments.

Now go to the site and take a good look around:


Friday, April 27, 2012

Great Private Advertising - Without the hassels!

We have talked a lot about private resources for your advertising.
I must admit that contacting webmasters on an individual basis and requesting a quote for advertising space on their websites is a time consuming process.

So today I have a pleasant surprise. If you go to:
you can join for free and visit the sites directory. At the site directory you will find a page that lists all the available sites with their descriptions.
You will see at a glance what advertising slots are available on the sites and the prices for the advertising.
You are given the tools to write your ads or upload images/banners etc. To the site of your choosing.

Once you pay for your advertising - the advert goes live instantly and you can go to the website to see your advert live.
From within your free account you can track the progress of your advert, change it or re-order it.

In other words you have total control over your advertising campaigns online via your free account - without having to email any webmasters.

This system is very similar to Google Adwords - but a lot cheaper as you are cutting out the middleman.

At the time of writing this post - the advertising opportunities are great!
This is because the ad-server has just launched and there are advertising slots available on high traffic sites home pages. Sites that are #1 in Google search are virtually giving away advertising slots to kick this ad-server into gear.

There are also relatively new sites, offering ridiculously low priced advertising slots. They are promoting their sites heavily - you should take advantage of the traffic they are working so hard to build.

Go check it out today and get the best advertising deals online today.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Blog for Advertising Resources

Since my last post there has been such a demand for more alternative online advertising information that I have decided to dedicate a new blog to the topic at:

Beyond 2010 Advertising provides the industry’s best resources and advanced technologies, to precisely target advertising for your business and to deliver the best outcomes for advertisers and publishers on a shoe string budget....

Also you may be interested in getting an access key to my "Private Index" at:
"The Kitty Jellinek Newsletter" where I have special free downloads for my readers. These downloads are protected for my readers only and you will not find them anywhere else online.